Biodegradable Plastic Made Out Of Waste From Rice, Parsley And Other Foods

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Originally posted on Food Safety Europa:

Researchers developed a novel process which could help the world deal with its agricultural and plastic waste problems.

Your chairs, synthetic rugs and plastic bags could one day be made out of cocoa, rice and vegetable waste rather than petroleum, scientists are now reporting. The novel…
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Liu Bolin turns friends into money, a solar cell from recycled car batteries, and fascinating looks at race in America

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Originally posted on TED Blog:

As always, many members of the TED community have been popping in the news this week. Below, some highlights.

Liu Bolin uses paint to make himself disappear into backgrounds. In this video from The Creators Project, Bolin shows the next evolution—group versions of his signature work. Watch him turn his friends into money in the video above, painting them as bills and coins. (Watch Liu’s talk, “The invisible man.”)

A few TED-related items from the indispensable IEEE Spectrum: First, a solar cell made from recycled car batteries—that’s the promise of a new paper from battery researcher Angela Belcher and her co-authors at MIT. (Watch Angela’s TED Talk, “Using nature to grow batteries.”)

And — remember Dave Gallo’s famous cuttlefish who disappeared? The research behind it, from Roger Hanlon at Woods Hole, has now inspired electronic camouflage. There’s a jaw-dropping video—not so much for…

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Gary’s Bucket Culture: Mushroom Cultivation Stories

Originally posted on Milkwood: homesteading skills for city & country:

Blue oyster beauties...

Growing mushrooms in stackable buckets is an excellent space-saving cultivation technique, and perfect for anyone with limited space to get growing.

Gary did our Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation course in March, and since then he’s ramped up to an impressive little DIY mushroom bucket cultivation setup…

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Peak season for fireflies, the meaning of the word ‘slash’ and architecture made of paper tubes

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Originally posted on TED Blog:

Fireflies in a forest. Photo: Spencer Black/

Fireflies streak through a forest. Photo: Spencer Black/

By Olivia Cucinotta

Below, a look at some members of the TED community with news to share this week:

Sara Lewis confirms to a local paper that there are in fact more fireflies this summer, and that we are in midst of peak firefly season. Hurry—it ends mid-August! (Watch Sara’s TED Talk, “The loves and lies of fireflies.”)

Language historian Anne Curzan speaks out on the spelling out of “slash” as a word instead of using “/” to denote dual concepts. She notes that word is evolving to have a definition of its own—an unusual distinction for something that started as punctuation. (Watch Anne’s talk, “What makes a word ‘real?’”)

Architect Shigeru Ban gets featured in The New Yorkerthis week for his low-cost, environmentally friendly buildings made out of paper tubing. (Watch Shigeru’s talk, “Emergency shelters made…

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