Jamapa Black Beans With Antihypertensive And Antioxidant Activity

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Researchers find that black beans can remove heavy metals from the body in addition to a beneficial effect as antihypertensive and antioxidant.

Beans are one of the most important crops for the Mexican population due to its nutritional qualities. In fact, the country is one of the top 10…
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Sphinx Moths – aka – Hummingbird Moth In My Garden (Really Bad News)

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It’s mid-summer, if your tomato vines haven’t been attached by hornworns so far this summer consider your self lucky. Be on the lookout, it is time for them to arrive in your garden.
If it matters to you there are really two different hornworms commonly called tomato hornworm. The most common is really the Tobacco hornworm larva and is generally green with seven diagonal white lines on it’s sides with a curved red tipped horn. True Tomato hornworms have eight V-shaped marks on each side and their horn is straighter and blue to black in color. Hornworms are the larvae of hawk or sphinx moths, also known as hummingbird moths. Tobacco hornworm are generelly the most commonly seen of the two, but both can be found and may even be present on the same plant.

Tomato / Tobacco hornworms are the largest caterpillars found in most gardens and can…

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Eating Disorders And Depression In Athletes: Does One Lead To The Other?

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Sport is a proven contributor to high self-esteem, confidence, positive outlook and good health. It would be reasonable to assume then that athletes have higher than average protection from depression and dysfunctional eating?

On the contrary, athletes are considered three times more likely to…
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Resources for new foragers

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adam + annie from Eat That Weed

There may be no greater kick you can get than that twinge of excitement when you come across food ripe for the foraging.

Whether it’s a loaded lemon tree hanging over your neighbour’s fence, weeds run rampant in a spare paddock nearby, a forest filled with pine mushrooms or a blackberry bush by the side of a quiet road, there’s a lot of joy in stumbling across food freebies. 

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Energy Efficient Technologies Can Also Save Water

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Researchers suggest that technology, policies or plans should also take environmental factors such as water usage into account when aiming to slow down climate change.

There’s more to trying to slow down climate change than just cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Technology, policies or plans t…
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